ESN Algarve organizes several trips throughout the year, each adapted to the region's characteristics. Places like Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Seville and the entire Algarve region are the main destinations that Erasmus students wish to visit.

Movie Nights:

A movie night is an activity organized once a week (this semester - every Monday). It is an event in which the main objective is to show a typical movie of each country, besides the film it is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other.

ESN Parties:

ESN Parties are happening every Tuesday in the coctail club CALL IN. Live DJs and different thematic music every week, beer for 1 EUR until 1AM and 150+ kinds of shots for 1 EUR. Come to the party and let's dance!

Karaoke Nights:

Every Wednesday starting from 9PM you can sing karaoke with your friends in Piper's Bar & Pub. Don't forget to take your ESNcard to get a discounts for drinks!

International Parties:

International Parties run every Friday in bar Patrimonio. Each time there are different theme. You have a free entrace with the ESNcard and a free coctail till 01:30. It is an excellent opportunity to meet all the international students and enjoy nightlife in Faro.


The pubcrawl takes place at the beginning of each semester, it is a moment when the Erasmus get to know each other as they also make a circuit around the city getting to know the main bars of the city as well as the typical drinks of the region. Throughout the pubcrawl are posed challenges so that they can interact with each other.

Mega Picnic:

Whenever the time allows, the Mega picnic is held where all Erasmus are invited to take traditional food from their country to share, the place varies between the Garden of the Alameda where it is possible to enjoy the beautiful nature to the sound of the water fall of the Fountains or simply enjoy the variety of animals there. Also next to the ria is a privileged place to watch the sunset.

Beach Days:

When the weather is warm and sunny, we are going to the beach. There are a lot of activities to choose from: play volleyball, surf, kayak, make a picnic or simply enjoy the weather together with ESN team and other Erasmus students.


You can always find all our future events with description and exact date/time on ESN Algarve Facebook page - here.