People have different needs and lifestyles, and therefore expenses vary from person to person. Some people might find cheaper accommodation; others might look for something more expensive. If you take your meals at the University canteens or cook at home you will spend less money than if you go to restaurants. If you purchase a monthly bus card it will be cheaper than buying tickets on a daily basis.

Below you can have an idea of how much things cost in Faro. Furthermore, in some places you are entitled to a student discount on presentation of your ESNcard.

- Accommodation (sharing / per month): 125-250€
- Meal (University campus canteen): 2.70€
- Public transport (monthly bus card): 29.70€
- Single bus ticket (Faro-Gambelas): 2.35€
- Daily newspaper: 1€
- Petrol (1L): 1.20€
- 1 Beer: 0.50-1.50€
- 1 Coke: 1€
- Milk (1L): 0.80€
- Cinema (student ticket): 5.90€

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